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3.2.8 Changes

  • Fix: reCAPTCHA check did not work properly with an admin panel session
  • Fix: certain TTF fonts in turing numbers did not always work
  • Change: countries are now alphabetically ordered in the PTC manager
  • Change: username in ledger success message is now clickable
  • Change: updated the ip2nation geo database to the July 26th 2018 version

3.2.7 Changes

  • New: reCAPTCHA support to block bots on the login and account creation pages
  • Change: possiblity to attach multiple PTC contests into one PTC ad group
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the May 21st 2017 version
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/confirm.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/invalid_login.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/login.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/header.php (updated)

3.2.6 Changes

  • Fix: improved blocking logic, usernames were often not in the logs
  • Fix: admin/flags' folder permissions were too strict
  • Fix: timerless ContestPTCs did not count towards the contests
  • New: PTC details log searching from IP and browser data

3.2.5 Changes

  • Fix: popup ads' width/height setting was not working
  • Fix: scripts/admin/email_templates.php file permissions
  • New: detailed PTC click log for tracking clicks to a PTC ad in high detail
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the November 12th 2016 version

3.2.4 Changes

  • Fix: a potential security issue patched
  • New: click based referral contest
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the July 7th 2016 version

3.2.3 Changes

  • Fix: 'user_profile_updated' plugin hook not triggered on email address update
  • Fix: PTC cash prices larger than 214.75 did not work
  • Fix: two XSS security issues
  • Fix: five SQL security issues
  • Fix: upline/referrer verification setting for signup did not work properly
  • Fix: signup process did not work when email address included a plus sign
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the February 22nd 2016 version

3.2.2 Changes

  • Fix: Two security issues
  • Fix: Optimization to rotating ad code in case an ad is not found

3.2.1 Changes

  • Fix: Do not take canceled referrers into account for referral contests
  • Fix: System email templates editor fix for PHP 5.4+
  • Fix: Security issue
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the July 25th 2015 version

3.2.0 Changes

  • New: PHP 5.5 and 5.6 support
  • New: MyBB 1.8 support for the forum bridge

3.1.5 Changes

  • New: Postback Catchers now support success response which is used to signal successfully caught postback transaction
  • Fix: an Illegal string offset warning fixed from autosurf
  • Fix: pagination links lost the search term in the postback log viewer
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the August 16th 2014 version

3.1.4 Changes

  • Fix: Several "illegal offset" warnings fixed for PHP 5.4+
  • Fix: Several pages' output filtering updated to use the configured charset to fix disappearing text under PHP 5.4
  • Fix: Turing numbers fixed for PHP 5.4+
  • Fix: The description links in the massmailer's email ad list weren't working
  • Change: Updated the ip2nation geo database to the February 17th 2014 version
  • Change: The default view in membertypes page now lists all configured membertypes

3.1.3 Changes

  • New: Possibility to hide member's own PTC ads (Other Settings, default: enabled)
  • New: Workaround for Chrome browser for the admin panel login page so that it can auto-fill the password
  • New: Admin panel password reset possibility
  • Fix: The MyBB forum bridge fixed to work with the MyBB version 1.6.10
  • Fix: Corrected HTML errors from the admin Other Settings page, now the page is valid HTML 4.01 transitional
  • Fix: The license input page in the admin panel has been fixed
  • Change: Updated ip2nation geo database to version July 1st 2013

3.1.2 Changes

  • Fix: Crediting of PTC ads with negative value was skipped
  • Fix: Do not pick suspended or canceled user as a ContestPTC winner
  • Fix: The #USERNAME# tag in email ad urls didn't work properly in some scenarios
  • Fix: Sanitize $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] and $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] in for improved security
  • Fix: Corrected points balance divisor from the default template
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/transactions.php (updated)

3.1.1 Changes

  • Fix: Editing a pending point PTC did not save ad value properly
  • Change: Updated ip2nation geo database to version March 12th 2013
  • Change: Updated header.php login form to use pages_url() properly
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/header.php (updated)

3.1.0 Changes

  • Note: After running autoupdater, clear browser cache as admin javascript file was updated
  • New: PTC Campaign manager for members
    • Supports country targeting and membertype targeting
    • Pre-created PTC package options by admin
  • New: IP range blocker
    • Optimized IP blocking for IP ranges
    • Supports Net Ranges and CIDR input formats
  • New: Cashout manager now supports setting account type based minimum cashout limits
  • New: Blocking logger for blocking related features
  • New: Added common sub-menu for all the blocking related pages for improved accessibility
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the IP/hostname blocker which caused the blocker not work every time
  • Fix: Wrong database column name, which was on some sites, corrected from the email address blocker
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in contest PTC winner picking when using multiple contest PTC groups
  • Fix: Fixed rented referral activity bypass setting which affected non-rented referrals as well
  • Fix: Fixed editing of browser blocks
  • Fix: Fixed login page redirection to the runner.php when logging in for the first ad click (v3.0 default template)
  • Fix: Patched a potential XSS vulnerability from the PTC admanager
  • Change: Updated IP2Nation geo database to the January 15th 2013 version
  • Change: Cosmetical changes to the blocking related pages and cashout options manager
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/login.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/account_menu2.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/ptc_packages.php (new)
  • New system email templates: Approved/declined PTC advertisement notification

3.0.2 Changes

  • Fix: Admin panel AJAX calls now work with SSL certificate
  • Fix: Beenpaid page now validates that from value is not negative to prevent a MySQL error
  • Fix: runner.php now correctly states that MySQL backup has never been taken, instead of incorrectly showing backup taken thousands of days ago
  • Fix: Corrected three tooltip errors from referral renting settings page
  • Change: Cronjobs manager now detects if cronjobs processing halts prematurely and emails admin
  • Change: Cronjobs now output a message when they are triggered too early
  • Change: Database installer populates example referral rental settings during install
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/favicon.ico (added)

3.0.1 Changes

  • Fix: On account deletion, account's note did not get purged properly
  • Fix: Cronjob now purges cashout requests from suspended/canceled/purged accounts
  • Fix: Fixed creation of scripts_url system value from the database installer
  • Fix: Fixed a form error on admin area license input
  • Fix: Cashout request form outputs a proper error message when the user doesn't have cashout profile set (translation support: see default template file /scripts/templates/cashout.php)
  • Fix: MyBB bridge now updates member counters for the forum
  • Change: MyBB bridge now auto-logins/logouts user to/from the forum during CashCrusader login/logout
  • Change: Updated PayPal IPN to use HTTP/1.1 as required by PayPal
  • Change: Updated Libertyreserve's default currency from LRUSD to USD in the database installer
  • Change: Renamed AlertPay to Payza from masspay option and database installer
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/index.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/cashout.php (updated)

3.0.0 Changes

  • New: Improved admin panel security
  • New: Support for MyBB forum (a forum bridge)
  • New: Added new plugin hooks to make it possible for plugins to integrate themselves better with the core script
  • New: Remember Me feature for admin panel login
  • New: Added country targeting to rotating ads
  • New: Added option to pause rotating ads
  • New: Members/balance importer for "Aurora SDR2 (2-15-11)" script
  • New: Backupper now optimizes tables before backupping them
  • New: Added <CITY>, <STATE> and <COUNTRY> tag support to the massmailer
  • New: Added current script time to the admin panel header
  • New: Added floating Back to Top link to page footer
  • New: Possibility to hide the input form of PTSU ads
  • New: Postback catchers for automated PTSU and offer crediting
  • New: Added 'last hostname' search option to the usermanager
  • New: Created a new system value 'beenpaid_total' to track total paid out sum
  • Change: Re-encoded several files to make them compatible with PHP 5.4 ionCube loader
  • Change: Admin panel header is now tableless for improved customization possibilities
  • Change: Unified admin panel header quick links to use a single button graphics
  • Change: Improved user interface for massmailer/scheduler targeting options
  • Change: init_contestptc_stats action shows a proper error message if trying to fetch stats for a non-existing group
  • Change: When paying a single user using a PayPal payment link, the transaction needs to be confirmed after returning to the site
  • Change: Removed deprecated PHP functions mysql_list_tables and mysql_tablename
  • Change: LibertyReserve masspay is now done via POST request to allow more payments in a single masspay (cURL required)
  • Change: LibertyReserve masspay updated to use API version 2
  • Change: Tweaked ad timer lock to make it work better with short ad timers
  • Change: Admanagers' search now picks partial username matches too
  • Change: Several user interface improvements to admin panel
  • Change: CTR figures are in percentages now
  • Fix: Skip undefined system values on to prevent PHP warning
  • Fix: Five minor MySQL injection possibilities patched from the members area
  • Fix: Fixed email address change verification to work properly when only the new email template is available
  • Fix: Changing admin panel password no longer triggers authentication error
  • Fix: Installer fix for emails and browsers blocking tables
  • Fix: Fix for a scenario where the massmailer can get jammed on invalid email addresses
  • Fix: Turing number positioning fixed for PHP 5.3.4+
  • Fix: Fixed division by zero error from cashouts report page when no cashouts has been recorded
  • Fix: Properly escape search query in admin transactions search form
  • Fix: Usermanager search page now uses script time properly for between date
  • Fix: It is now possible to remove upline by blanking the Upline input at viewuser.php
  • Fix: Fixed inbox optimization queries from the site inbox cronjob
  • Fix: It was possible to request cashout using an outdated cashout option which had been removed
  • The default template has been completely modernized
    • Totally re-done header, footer and account menu
    • Replaced all the legacy PHP tags
    • Removed excess HTML tags
    • Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional coding
    • Extracted account cancellation form to own page from the user profile page

2.28 Changes

  • Fix: Properly escape MySQL query in admin panel user search page
  • Fix: Fixed referral renting auto extension to use members' auto extension setting properly
  • Fix: Fixed number formatting from expired rented referral email

2.27 Changes

  • Note: After running autoupdater, clear browser cache as admin CSS file was updated
  • New: Referral/downline renting
    • Dynamic pricing based on referral activity
    • Automatic/manual rental extending
    • Referral cycling
    • Rented referral caps per account type
    • Possibility for custom rented referral caps for individual accounts
  • New: Contest PTC advertisements
    • Supports picking up winner randomly by clicks counts or purely by click counts
    • Have as many contest PTC pages as you want
    • Automatic crediting of winners
    • Optional notifications for the admin and/or the winner
    • PTC click contest can be recurring indefinitely or run certain amount of times
    • Optional upline earnings from the contest prize
  • New: Reporting of expired upgrades to members (Other Settings -> Email Notifications)
  • New: Anti-bruteforce methods for admin panel (delayed login and automated IP block)
  • New: Country/Account type targeting to PTSU advertisements
  • New: Country/Account type targeting to review advertisements
  • New: Admin front page warns, if there are lots of ads in the database
  • Fix: Added couple missing mysql_prefixes to installer for system values initialization
  • Fix: Bad IP message now shows properly when access is blocked to admin panel (file not found error)
  • Fix: PHP4 fix for latest visits to show signup ads' timestamp properly
  • Fix: Patch for a potential security issue for admin panel
  • Fix: Five minor MySQL injection possibilities patched from members area
  • Fix: It was not possible to use zero as to/from values in cash balances report page
  • Fix: Removed TYPE definitions from database table definitions for improved MySQL 5.5 compatibility
  • Change: Added new style messages boxes, which will be edited into all pages in future updates
  • Change: Replaced deprecated split functions from SMTP mailer and pending signups submissions and reviews pages
  • Change: Replaced deprecated ereg_replace functions from users' ad deletion
  • Change: Pending signup submissions and reviews pages now show submissions on the page instead via iframe to save server resources
  • Change: MySQL stats on admin front page has to be explicitly requested, so that loading of huge sites' admin front page speeds up
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/style.css (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/ptc.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/enter.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/account_menu.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/header.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/ptc_contest.php (new)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/refsearch.php (new)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/refsrented.php (new)

2.26 Changes

  • New: Complete Cashout Manager
    • Supports masspay file format customization, including comma/period option for number formatting
    • Pre-formatted masspay file options for PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers and OKPay
    • LibertyReserve masspay integration
    • Possibility to individually select accounts for payment
    • Payment amount shown in the list
    • Support for percentage fee as well as static fee
    • Cash/points click counter possibility
    • Possibility to filter by interest keyword
    • Payout statistics, including beenpaid page
  • New: Last login data now includes hostname in viewuser.php page
  • New: System email templates editor to admin panel
  • Fix: Patched two security issues
  • Fix: Account cancellation, vacation and cheat click notes now use timezone setting properly
  • Change: Removed eGold from installer and added AlertPay and LibertyReserve default options
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/cashout.php (new)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/beenpaid.php (new)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/account_menu.php (updated)

2.25 Changes

  • New: Support for ProxStop service
  • New: Added option to pre-select all listed advertisements in old ad reporting / purging pages
  • Change: Old ad reporting pages now use ad menu for the ad type in question
  • Change: Account viewer informs, if the account does not exist
  • Change: Usernames and email descriptions are now clickable in emailid list for quick access
  • Change: Added contest ending details to referral contest titles to members' page
  • Change: Added customization option to add own CSS class to actions refcontests and refcontest_show
  • Change: Language texts are encoded in referral contest page in case the translations include HTML special characters
  • Fix: Fixed Review, PTC and PTSU ads table optimization after deleting old ads
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/refcontests.php (updated)

2.24 Changes

  • New: Fully automated referral contest feature
  • New: Massmailer scheduler now supports send count based scheduling
  • New: Additional PTC anticheat method (see Anti-Cheat Settings)
  • New: In PTC admanager, hovering cursor over "PTCID" text shows the url of the PTC
  • New: Possibility to pause PTC ad
  • New: Support for hiding page number customization for get_ptc_ad_v2
  • New: Support for translating PTC's Clicks left / received text for get_ptc_ad_v2
  • Change: Make contact form's profile link optional (Other Settings)
  • Fix: Fixed PTC table creation to the database installer
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/enter.php (updated)
  • Default template file: /scripts/templates/refcontests.php (new)

2.23 Changes

  • New: Support for CashCrusader Software Sendmail Server
  • Fix: Fixed username variable in email address change verification template
  • Fix: Email Ad Manager now properly escapes site url to prevent MySQL error
  • Fix: Email set title is properly encoded in Email Sets Editor and massmailer to prevent HTML errors
  • Fix: Cronjobs updates timestamps properly to prevent cronjobs overlapping
  • Fix: Massmailer resumes sending of an old massmail, if it was interrupted in previous cron run
  • Fix: Undefined method smtpmail::host() error fixed from SMTP option of massmailer
  • Fix: BCC mails fixed when using SMTP
  • Fix: Several protocol fixes to SMTP
  • Change: Inactivity setting is now applied to Sales upline earnings too
  • Change: SMTP outputs debug data to cronjob output
  • Change: Plugins list is now in alphabetical order
  • Change: Email sets lists are now in alphabetical order
  • Change: Made PTC cronjob run more frequently, on every cron run instead of hourly, to make PTC lock value more precise
  • Change: Admin login page is now valid HTML 4.01 Transitional and focus is given to the password field on page load for increased accessibility
  • Change: Massmailer no longer unnecessarily encodes ASCII email subjects (owners are encouraged to check that massmails' subject field appears to be working normally after update)

2.22 Changes

  • New: Account type targeting to PTCs (get_ptc_ad_v2)
  • New: Automatic rewarding possibility for contest winner picks
  • New: Option to notify upline of a new referral signup (Site Settings -> Other Settings)
  • New: Profile link to contact form emails for logged in members
  • New: Possibility to force select an interest for all current members
  • New: Added Turing numbers options to PTC manager
  • New: Added Note possibility to email blocking page
  • New: Added Note possibility to browser blocking page
  • New: Rating of review to pending reviews page
  • Fix: Fixed review ads' expiration bug and upline crediting
  • Change: Do not give free refs to canceled users
  • Change: Disable password recovery for suspended accounts
  • Change: Google Chrome compatibility change for vacation/upgrade expire date fields
  • Change: Massmailer no longer base64 encodes ASCII site names for better SpamAssassin score (owners are encouraged to check that massmails' sender field appears to be working normally after update)

2.21 Changes

  • Change: Usernames are now clickable in Visitors online page
  • Change: Added more search options to the cash balance page
  • Fix: Sorting bug at pending PTSU page fixed
  • Fix: Verify that abuse database table exists
  • Fix: Ledger now uses site's time zone setting properly

2.20 Changes

  • New: Better converter/importer for myptr script
  • New: Added translation and customization support to get_ptc_ad_v2 action
  • New: Added activity and vacation fields for usermanager search form
  • New: Added support for customizing email address change verification email template
  • New: #PTSID# support for PTSU ads for advertisement ID
  • New: Pending abuse reports are notified via reminder hover popup
  • New: A note is added to user's note area when account is canceled by the user
  • New: Support for multiple chat rooms
  • New: Logout button to admin panel
  • New: totaldebits_points() function to show total point debits
  • New: Added support for custom reminders, reminders.custom.php
  • Change: Enabled over 127h lock times for email ads
  • Change: Re-designed PTSU ad manager to match other ad managers
  • Change: Re-designed review ad manager to match other ad managers
  • Change: Improved rotating ad management form
  • Change: Own page for accepting pending paidto signups submissions
  • Change: Show all users active in viewuser page when inactivity setting is not given
  • Change: Viewuser page now shows hour data from the last login moment
  • Change: View/edit bad turing and cheat click counters from viewuser page
  • Change: Editing interests for member via admin panel now skips count requirements
  • Change: Linked admin reminders title to reminders page for better accessibility
  • Change: Hidden blank tables from surf management page when there is nothing to show
  • Change: Slightly changed how logged in members are tracker for visitor counters
  • Change: Removed all the deprecated PHP functions for improved PHP6 (and PHP5.3) support
  • Fix: Put signup date for accounts created via admin panel
  • Fix: Fixed review ad manager log viewer
  • Fix: Fixed review ad managers contest winner pick up feature
  • Fix: Fixed an HTML error from item deletion output at redemption manager page
  • Fix: Chat page is now valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • Fix: Prevent multiple email addresses to join field
  • Fix: Abuse database table creation fix for the installer
  • Fix: Number formatting fix in the schedule editor to not to break 1000+h frequenzies
  • Fix: Minor MySQL inject patch for visitors counter
  • Fix: Add_transaction action bug fix for unique transactions
  • Fix: Missing PayPal IPN transaction description fixed

2.19 Changes

  • New feature: Abuse report and Open in new window links for email and PTC ads (timer_links action)
  • New Option: Timerbar location can be changed from Timer Settings page
  • New Option: AOL links can be disabled for plain text massmails from Site Email settings
  • Cash balances page now submits currency code to PayPal payment
  • Prevent changing to a blocked email address via profile page
  • Fixed a bug which caused user's inbox not to delete when purging the user
  • Following default template files have been modified: account_credited.php, cash_timer.php, points_timer.php and userinfo.php in /pages/ folder. A copy of them can be gotten from /scripts/templates/ folder after autoupdate.
  • Following new default template file has been added: abuse_report.php to /pages/ folder. A copy can be gotten from /scripts/templates/ folder after autoupdate.

2.18 Changes

  • Fixed MySQL queries to be properly escaped at admin's Keyword, Country And State Selection managers
  • Fixed a bug which prevented account cancellation when there existed canceled account which used to have the same email address
  • Fixed autoupdater's assumption for tar location when server returns blank for tar test
  • Added possibility to preselect interests for join form
  • Added ordering of equal PTC ads by age (id) to get_ptc_ad_v2
  • Added showing of /pages/account_canceled.php to canceled users if the page exists (get from /scripts/templates/account_canceled.php)

2.17 Changes

  • Fixed text only PTCs' appearance in latest visits at viewuser.php
  • Fixed scheduled emails editor so that it doesn't break MySQL5 compatibility
  • Fixed couple potential XSS vulnerabilities
  • Fixed Banners last viewed date at adstats.php when using custom time format
  • Massmailer no longer tries to include unreadable files (fixes file_get_content warning on PHP5)
  • Upgrade expire manager now ignores suspended/canceled users to prevent unintended account reinstates
  • Minor cosmetical edits to viewuser.php interface (typos fixed and interests spanning across page improved)
  • Updater now deletes old tar log to prevent errors during update

2.16 Changes

  • Fixed transaction ledger's Edit/Copy bug

2.15 Changes

  • Added 'Back to top' link to admin area footer
  • Added random password generator to admin password change page
  • Enhanced Transaction ledger search form to include more search options
  • Re-designed Usermanager's output
  • Fixed scheduled email editor form to pick Inbox Only status properly

2.14 Changes

  • Made massmailer to skip zero receiver massmails
  • Altered statistics API slightly to allow usage of autologin again

2.13 Changes

  • Fixed PaidToReview adstats
  • Fixed colspan bug in HTML PTC adstats
  • Restored behaviour that "0" picks every massmail when cleaning massmailer(timezone feature broke it)
  • Added option to pre-select unsent massmails when cleaning massmailer
  • Added possibility for external statistics software to send password via POST instead of GET

2.12 Changes

  • Fixed timestamp bug from Surf ad manager
  • Fixed MySQL error, which only occurs if site uses prefix, from ptcadmgr
  • Fixed 'header already sent' error from installer
  • Fixed MySQL 4.0 bug from auto-expiring memberships (untested due lack of ancient software, see note below)
  • Fixed downline earnings
  • Fixed bug in PTC/email last visit cleaning (already visited bug)
  • Added support for searching by last login IP address to usermanager and not only by signup ip
  • Added support for timestamp formatting to usermanager last login / signup dates
  • Added support for formatting old MySQL 4.0 style timestamps
  • Although this release improves MySQL 4.0 support, CashCrusader is no longer fully compatible with old 4.0.x versions of MySQL and official requirement has been lifted to MySQL 4.1.x. Also MySQL 5 is now officially supported as many MySQL 5 related bugs have been fixed in recent versions. This however does not automatically mean all plugins are also compatible with MySQL 5.

2.11 Changes

  • New Feature: Country targeting for PTC ads (usage of get_ptc_ad_v2 required)
  • New Feature: Support for setting timezone for CashCrusader pages
  • New Feature: Support for formatting timestamps for CashCrusader pages
  • Action get_ptc_ad_v2 now outputs valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • Added Creation time support for PTC ads
  • Added HTTP Referer support for Visitors Online page
  • Added Note support for IP blocking feature
  • Added headerset support for single massmail creation
  • Redesigned PTC management page
  • Redesigned Email management page
  • Setting vacation date is logged into member notes
  • New option to automatically remove member upgrade (auto-expire)
  • New option to send massmail to inactive members only
  • Fix bug of not being able to send massmail to single receiver
  • Fix MySQL5 bug from massmailing cronjob
  • Fix auto upgrade via redemption page to give member proper freerefs / extra commission counts
  • Fix small bug from redemption manager form
  • If massmail has too many receivers, auto trim receiver count to match actual receiver count

2.10 Changes

  • New feature: Members/guests online (User Management -> Visitors Online)
  • Improved click counters search options
  • Fix massmailer's Send button
  • Fix downloading of manual backup and membership email list

2.09 Changes

  • Lots of admin panel header code rewritten but familiar outlook kept
  • Support for custom CSS for admin panel
  • MySQL prefix bug fixed in scheduler.php
  • MySQL5 compatibility fixes for massmailer.php/scheduler.php
  • Massmailer integrated with paidmail scheduler menu
  • Massmailer now fetches default email type (HTML/plain text) from default emailset from scheduler
  • Do not credit upline from PTC cheat clicks
  • Added voting link to admin index page

2.08 Changes

  • If you are upgrading from 2.04 or older, the update needs to be ran twice!
  • Critical email ad earnings related bug fixed
  • Added possibility to search members by join date
  • Added #USERNAME# support to email ad urls
  • Fixed a bug which causes paused ads to be sent from scheduler
  • Added PTC cheat link option
  • Log cheat clicks to member notes

2.07 Changes

  • If you are upgrading from 2.04 or older, the update needs to be ran twice!
  • New feature: paidmail scheduler (Ad management -> Paidmail scheduler)
  • Traffic exchange feature updates,
  • fixed the report abuse link
  • fixed the open page in new window link
  • fixed bug that would allow invalid urls to be posted
  • added Auto Approve submitted urls option
  • ask surfer before leaving autosurf if next page breaks frames (does not work on all browsers but works on IE and Firefox, does not work with Opera, not tested with anything else. The browser must support the window.beforeunload feature)
  • Fixed rounding bug when editing redemption option
  • Possibility to order admin reminders/notes by dates
  • Option for Site Offline setting to let admin determined IP addresses pass the message

2.06 Changes

  • If you are upgrading from 2.04 or older, the update needs to be ran twice!
  • Database backupper improvements;
  • Local backup location changeable
  • Fixed errors in backup output
  • Remove email address verification when admin changes the address
  • Viewuser.php improvements to include more data about the user
  • Miscanellous changes / tweaks

2.05 Changes

  • Improved auto updater. When upgrading to 2.05, updater needs to be ran twice!
  • Possibility for members to delete their ads from adstats.php (Default setting: Other Settings -> Off)
  • When member changes their email address, new address needs to be verified via verification email. Owners are encouraged to write note to userinfo.php that email address change requires verification. Templates folder has updated userinfo.php page, which notifies user that verification email has been sent. This page is compatible with default template and may need modifying for customized designs.
  • Turing number link size editor
  • Members status is now checked on every page load, not only when logging in so account suspension is immediate now
  • Possibility to view cash/total click counters in Cash Balances page
  • Removed admin panel headers from phpinfo.php page

2.04 Changes

  • Critical security fix related to passwords. Details will not be enclosed at this time.
  • Removed dependency for deprecated long $HTTP_*_VARS type from mailer.php for improved compatibility with different PHP configurations and with future PHP6.
  • New feature: Possibility to turn public side of CC offline with message from owner.

2.03 Changes

  • New feature: reminders/notes for admin panel
  • Couple bug fixes for redemption manager
  • Change the method for avoiding PHP5 bug 43053 to make larger redemptions/transactions possible

2.02 Changes

  • Regression bug fix for login function.

2.01 Changes

  • Fix member login bypass bug when REGISTER_GLOBALS is on
  • Fix/workaround for PHP5 bug 43053, which causes some created transactions to become zero
  • Fix for potential MySQL inject in PTC function
  • New get_ptc_ad_v2 action to create PTC page with desired amount of PTC ads and statistics
  • Automatic backup confirmed to be working on PHP 5.2.5
  • Show_rotating_ad action edited to output valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • Cheatlink and bad turing counter editors
  • Embedded helpdesk for

2.00 Changes

  • Paid-to-Chat feature added

1.99 Changes

  • special hash unique to each CC site and URL added to redirects to prevent unauthorized redirects
  • PayPal Compatability fixed
  • 4 auto/manual surfs, copy new templates to your pages dir (autosurf.php, autosurf1.php autosurf2.php autosurf3.php autosurf4.php)
  • Cronjobs encoded by IONCUBE

1.98 Changes

  • New templates to copy to your pages dir (found in the scripts/templates dir): advertiser_account_menu.php, advertiser_adstats.php, advertiser_autosurf.php, login.php,email_not_found.php, invalid_login.php, account_menu.php, ptr.php
  • Add a link to advertiser_adstats.php for the new advertiser login features
  • Many bug fixes, and security fixes.*
  • Now you can login by username or email address
  • Dynamic Loading of plugins reduces server load as much as 50%
  • Paid2Review
  • Improved support for dealing with inactive members with out having to cancel their accounts
  • Accounts are now canceled instead of deleted. You can then purge the canceled accounts. (Trashbin services for accounts)
  • Advertiser login
  • Login support for differnt usernames. allow or deny certain member types to certain pages and much more

1.97 Changes

  • New user search and user manager with ability to suspend an account.

1.96 Changes

  • Fixes targeting bug that exists in version 1.95

1.95 Changes

  • Minor bug fixes and the ability to delete many old emails at once and targeting membership types
  • Plugins now support runner function so that plugins can now run at runner.php startup

1.94 Changes

  • Bug fix for mailer update in version 1.93

1.93 Changes

  • Now in email settings you can set the total number of emails to send per hour. This is for those of you that have hosts that limit you to say 400 emails per hour. You can now set the number to 400 in email settings and you will no longer get the 'Domain Unroutable' error
  • New membertypes settings. Now you can set the amount of extra commission a member should get, also there is now a main section to create member types so that if you do not want to set a member to a custom setting in their account thats just for them you can just set them to one of the member types you have created.

1.92 Changes

  • Fix bug in runner.php that would allow members to cheat email ads

1.91 Changes

  • Fixes Wrong numbers showing up for turing numbers. If no turing numbers are showing up then the member needs to clear their cookies and restart the browser because it is calling an incorrect session ID.

1.90 Changes

  • Because having phpsessions now use mysql the file locking that was relied on before for things no longer exists, So I have made some small changes in a few of the functions to make them work correcly with this new session method. Also now sessions data is only rewrote to mysql if there has been a change other wise nothing is updated. This will provide a speed improvement over even the orginal method thats wrote to files in the /tmo dir.

1.89 Changes

  • PHPSESSION data is now stored in MySQL. This adds a slight boost in security on shared servers, Also now that it no longer uses the /tmp dir you will never have to worry about the occasional problems like permission denied, or no space left, that only your host can fix.

1.86 Changes

  • Some sites did not default to Inbox & Email for all members, This update resets everyone that is at inbox only to both to assure that if your site did not update correcly it is now. However this means all members that selected inbox only will have to select it again.
  • This version will try to automaticly clean up your file to assure you do not have runner.php problems. If you get a notice that the file could not be modified you will have to update the file manually

1.84 Changes

  • POP3 server can now support more then one CC site per server (unlimited domains). New inbox.php template will display pop3 server info when pop3 server is installed and active

1.83 Changes

  • This version fixes remaining known bugs in the new inbox and also include a pop3 server in the utilities directory. To run the pop3server you need md5 and DBI mysql support modules installed for perl and set up inetd, xinetd or tcpserver to run as nobody on port 1110 or any other port of your choice. Users will set their pop3 email client to point to your server and port 1110 and login with their username@yourdomain and their password. The @yourdomain is added because at somepoint the pop3 server will work with virtual hosts that run more then one CC site on their server. Replace yourdomain with the name of YOUR domain.
  • New templates to allow members the ability to select their inbox setting are available. copy userinfo.php and signup.php from the templates dir to your pages dir.

1.79 Changes

  • This takes care of the last of the bugs created by the new features in the lastest updates. Also there was a security issue created with the faster login method, this is now fixed

1.78 Changes

  • I added some recommend code to help direct the bounces to the right place, I did not notice that it had Return-Receipt in the header that I copied over. That is removed now

1.77 Changes

  • As most people are aware the sendmail process in exim or sendmail is bulky, slow, and uses a lot of system resource s. However thats what cpanel and most other webhost management packages use, so you just can't remove them and put on qmail or postfix and have things work. But now the mass mailer in the CC scripts can access qmail or postfix direcly and send mass emails though them with out using exim. THis will allow the host to install qmail on their server with out it having any affect on cpanel or other software
  • Autoupdate has more varification to make sure the update is a complete success.
  • Fixed bug in site settings that would prevent you from clearing a setting

1.76 Changes

  • Fixes user profile update bug caused by last security update
  • Fixes Start page cookie bug that would affect members in timezones other then the servers
  • Site URLs and Dir settings moved out of to the settings section of admin
  • A second plug in added for testing, plug in support is getting close to being total completed
  • Multi Server support, run runner.php on a second webserver or even on the same server but through thttpd instead of apache. (requires a second server or thttpd) this will reduce entire server load by many hundreds of times because thttpd is a much faster web server then apache. This configuration can run simultaneously with apache on the same server, and even on shared servers. thttpd can be ran on cpanel servers without conflicting with cpanel
  • Fixed logout bug still remaining in the admin when you loged into your account to test and email link
  • Log in process for members makes one less mysql read per log in check once the member is already logged in, reducing server load

1.75 Changes

  • There was a security hole found in the form processing part of the scripts, I misunderstood the programmers explanation of this yesterday and thought he was referring to a different method that the scripts are protected against. Turns out there is a security problem with the form processing. This update fixes that.

1.74 Changes

  • One of the plugin programmers (Jeremiah Kirkpatrick) discovered a way to exploit the autodeduct function on the redemption manager. This version fixes that. Thanks Jeremiah, for finding that one for me.
  • The email manager will no longer log you out if the session is expired. This will still allow the more secure login for admin while only reverting to the less secure method as before when posting a new email to send.

1.72 Changes

  • Fixed bug that would log you out when viewing a users account
  • Autosurf saves earnings now when no more urls notice comes up
  • Fixed Plugin file stat problem that accured only on one known server but if you had it and did not report it this fixes it

1.71 Changes

  • Reload inboxes that had to be cleared in order to do update 1.70

1.70 Changes

  • Rewrote inbox, There was a site that sends out about 400,000 emails a day and the old way the inbox worked was just putting to much load on their server. This update will have to empty your existing inboxes from your server
  • A lot of people have writen their on code for the CC scripts and alway have to put it back in every time there is an update. This is the first implementation of plugin support. Should have all needed features added for you programmers in the next few releases as you send me your input.
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