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Latest News
  • April 23rd 2017 - CashCrusader 3.2.6 released
    Maintenance release to address found issues in ContestPTC, user blocking and folder permissions. Details available here.
  • November 26th 2016 - CashCrusader 3.2.5 released
    Couple bugs fixes, a country database update and a new feature to track PTC clicks in detail. Details available here.
  • August 17th 2016 - CashCrusader 3.2.4 released
    New version to enhance the referral contest and to update the IP country database. Details available here.
  • April 7th 2016 - CashCrusader 3.2.3 released
    Maintenance release to fix various bugs. Details available here.
  • January 19th 2016 - CashCrusader 3.2.2 released
    This maintenance release improves security. Changelog available here.
CashCrusader Version History

3.2.6 April 23rd 2017

3.2.5 November 26th 2016

3.2.4 August 17th 2016

3.2.3 April 7th 2016

3.2.2 January 19th 2016

CashCrusader Changelog

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