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Accessing your admin panel

To access your CashCrusader admin panel please go to: http://PUT_YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE/scripts/admin/index.php When you access your admin panel you will see the admin panel front page containing your site's statistics, script version, newest version available, link to CashCrusaderSoftware latest news, link to the autoupdate utility and link to admin access logs. If there is a problem with the cron job a notification about that will be displayed on the admin panel index page. If you have not created a backup of your site within the last 24 hours you will be notified about that before you reach the admin panel index page. It's always a good practise to take a quick look to the index page when loging in to the admin panel to make sure your script is up to date and the site and cron job are in normal standings.

Navigating in admin panel

Quick links menu

The quick links menu is located on the top of your CashCrusader admin panel.

Quick links explained from left to right:


Access installed third party plugins


User manager


Cash and point transactions manager

Send Mail



Backup your MySQL database


Submit a support ticket to CashCrusaderSoftware of browse the knowledgebase.

Main menu

The main CashCrusader admin menu is located at the top left corner of your admin panel. Hover your mouse over or click on a desired top menu category to access subcategories.

Detailed menu structure:

  • Main
  • Accounting
    • Redemption Options
    • Cashout Options
    • Cashouts Pending (new in 2.26)
    • Transaction Ledger
    • Convert Points To Cash
    • Cash Balances
    • Point Balances
  • User Management
    • Add a User
    • Membership Types
    • View/Edit/Delete Users
    • Visitors Online (new in 2.10)
    • Purge Old Accounts
  • Clicks & Referrals
    • Referral Stats
    • Referral Contests (new in 2.24)
    • Referral Rents (new in 2.27)
    • Cash Click Counters
    • Point Click Counters
    • Total Click Counter
  • Find Cheaters
    • List Cheaters
    • List Possible Cheaters
    • Accounts Accessed By Same PC
    • Accounts Possibly Accessed By Same PC
    • Bad Turing Clicks Report
    • Cheat Link Report
    • ProxStop (new in 2.25)
  • Ad Management
    • Auto/Manual Surf
    • Email Ad Manager
    • PTC Manager
    • PTC Packages (new in 3.1.0)
    • PTReview Manager
    • PTSU Manager
    • Paid Start Page
    • Rotating Ads
    • Send eMail To Members
    • Paidmail Scheduler (new in 2.07)
  • Targeting
    • Keyword Selections
    • State Selections
    • Country Selections
  • Blocking Options
    • Block certain browsers
    • Block email addresses and domains
    • Block IPs and host names
  • Site Settings
    • Set Admin Password
    • Set Default Character Set
    • Set URLs and Directories
    • Timer Settings
    • Auto/Manual Surf Settings
    • Accounting Settings
    • Site eMail Settings
    • Referral Rent Settings (new in 2.27)
    • System Email Templates (new in 2.26)
    • Anti-Cheat Settings
    • MySQL Backup Settings
    • Other Settings
    • Postback Catchers (new in 3.0.0)
    • List Your site
    • Admin reminders/notes
    • Keyword Selections
    • State Selections
    • Country Selections
  • Database Utilities
    • Backup MySQL Data
    • Restore MySQL Data
    • Download eMail Addresses
    • MySQL Admin
  • Helpdesk
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Administration manual