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Action init_contestptc_stats fetches information of a contest PTC ad group.

Required CashCrusader version: 2.27

Example usage:

<?php $contest = action('init_contestptc_stats', 'contest|1|1'); ?>

Argument details, from left to right:

contest = this is the ad group for the contest PTCs
1 = fetch last contest winner of this specific group, 1=true 0=false
1 = calculate user's contest PTC win counter for this specific group, 1=true 0=false

Return value:

This action returns an array which has contest details. If all details are not needed, the call can be optimized by disabling some statistics as described above.

Example return value:

   [prize] => $0.10
   [clicks_left] => 672
   [last_winner] => JohnDoe
   [wins] => 5
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