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The PTC package manager feature was added to CashCrusader version 3.1. With the package manager admin can create redemption options for PTC advertisements. Member submits the advertisement details on the members area and the feature automatically deducts user's account and adds an entry to admin panel where admin can approve or deny the advertisement and the script will automatically process to order accordingly.

The feature supports setting PTC targeting by country and account type.

Enabling The Feature

Full install of versions 3.1.0 and later already have the feature enabled. When updating to CashCrusader 3.1.0 or newer a couple of steps need to be done to install the feature. The steps are listed below. The steps assume you are using default directory structure.

1) Copy file /scripts/templates/ptc_packages.php into /pages/ folder.
2) If needed, edit /pages/ptc_packages.php to match your custom design or translation.
3) Create at least one PTC category at Main Menu -> Ad Management -> PTC Packages and on the resulting page click PTC Package Categories sub-menu entry.
4) Add a link to your member's menu, /pages/account_menu.php.
5) Optionally customize PTC approval/denial email templates from Main Menu -> Site Settings -> System Email Templates

Using The Feature

Create your desired PTC packages at the PTC package manager. The package manager can be found from Main Menu -> Ad Management -> PTC Packages and on the resulting page click PTC Packages sub-menu entry. These packages becomes available for members to redeem their earnings to on page /pages/ptc_packages.php.

After member submits a PTC advertisement, the pending PTC advertisement must be approved, or denied, at the Pending PTC admin page. Pending PTC manager can be found at Main Menu -> Ad Management -> PTC Advertisement and on the resulting page click Pending PTCs sub-menu entry.

Advanced Usage

Any number of PTC package categories can be setup to match your needs. Common setup can be for example three groups for CashPTCs, PointPTCs and ContestPTCs.

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