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Action timer_links can be used to create Report Abuse and Open In New Window links into the timer bar.

Required CashCrusader version: 2.19

Example usage:

<?php action('timer_links','abuse,Report Abuse,timer_link'); ?>

<?php action('timer_links','open_in_new_window,Open in new window,timer_link'); ?>

Details, from left to right:

There are three arguments used with this feature and they are separated by comma.

1) The link to create, can be abuse or open_in_new_window
2) Text shown in the link
3) CSS class for the link

Example CSS:

You can use following CSS snippet to change color of the links

 A:link.timer_link{color:black; text-decoration:none}
 A:visited.timer_link{color:black; text-decoration:none}
 A:active.timer_link{color:black; text-decoration:none}
 A:hover.timer_link{color:black; text-decoration:underline;}


Above codes can be used in



Abuse report link takes to /pages/abuse_report.php and that page needs abuse_report_form action.

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