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Required CashCrusader version

reCAPTCHA bot check for signup and login pages is available from CashCrusader 3.2.7.

reCAPTCHA keys

reCAPTCHA requires keys which can be gotten for free from Google.

Register your site at for reCAPTCHA V2 keys. Note your Site key and Secret key.

Enter these keys into your site settings at Admin menu > Site Settings > Anti-Cheat Settings.

Template modification

Your site template needs to be modified to support reCAPTCHA if you are upgrading from 3.2.6 or earlier. reCAPTCHA functionality consists of two parts. The script backend does bot check and it is installed automatically by the autoupdater and the template shows the bot check user interface. The autoupdater does not alter template files so it needs a little bit of manual work.

The easiest way is to overwrite your current template files with the relevant stock files. After overwriting you may apply your customizations to the files. The template files which need the reCAPTCHA support are confirm.php, invalid_login.php and login.php. Stock versions of these files can be found from the /scripts/templates/ folder.

Take a backup of your current template files and copy the following stock files


over the files at


and apply your customizations if you desire.

If you want to update your template files directly, add the following code where you want the check to appear:

<?php echo Recaptcha::form(); ?>


  • reCAPTCHA check is skipped when you are logged into admin panel
  • if the check does not seem to be working, make sure the form HTML element is not inside a table
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