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Action refcontest_show is used to show details of a referral contest. This action takes seven parameters. First parameter is the ID of the contest and the rest are display customization.

Required CashCrusader version: 2.24
Required CashCrusader version: 2.25 (updated version)

Example usage #1 (2.25+):
Default way to show the details, without CSS class customization:

<?php action('refcontest_show', (int)$_GET['id'].'|Username|Referrals|Prize|Back|members|0');?>

Example usage #2 (2.25+):

With heading CSS class customization:

<?php action('refcontest_show', (int)$_GET['id'].'|Username|Referrals|Prize|Back|members|heading_class');?>

Note: Parameters for member text translation and CSS heading class were added to CashCrusader version 2.25.

Example usage #3 (2.24):

<?php action('refcontest_show', $_GET['id'].'|Username|Referrals|Prize|Back');?>

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