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Automated Contest PTC advertisement feature was added to CashCrusader version 2.27. With automated contest PTCs members can be rewarded without admin intervention.

Enabling The Feature

Full install of versions 2.27 and later already have the feature enabled. When updating to CashCrusader 2.27 or newer a couple of steps need to be done to install the feature. The steps are listed below. The steps assume you are using default directory structure.

1) Copy file /scripts/templates/ptc_contest.php into /pages/ folder.
2) If needed, edit /pages/ptc_contest.php to match your custom design.
3) Create a new contest PTC group at Main Menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Click ads and on the resulting page click Contest PTCs sub-menu entry. Use ad group contest or edit /pages/ptc_contest.php file to match the group of your choise.
4) Add a link to your member's menu, /pages/account_menu.php.

Starting Using The Feature

Default contest PTC page uses contest ad group for the contest PTCs. You can create contest PTC ads using the regular Paid2Click Ads management page. Contest PTC ads are normal PTC ads with an additional reward(s) as per the configuration of the contest group.

For the best experience for members, it is recommended you do not use PTC page which picks all PTC advertisements from the database. Instead have one PTC ad group per page. Otherwise contest PTC ads will appear among regular PTC.

Advanced Usage

The feature is very flexible and allows various configurations and parallel contest PTC setups. The default ptc_contest.php file can be duplicated and the init_contestptc_stats and get_ptc_ad_v2 action calls can be updated to use different PTC ad groups. Additional contest PTC group can then be created for secondary contest PTC page. The system supports unlimited parallel configurations and contest PTC pages.

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