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What Are PTC Ads?

Paid to click ads are advertising links listed in your site's PTC section. Users get credited for clicking on the link and viewing the advertised page until the timer expires.

Commonly a PTC ad is linked to a banner image, but it may as well be a text link.

How To Create a Paid To Click Ad

To create a PTC ad go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Click Ads

Insert desired details to the fields under "Create New PTC Advertisement"



The advertiser's username

Ad Description

Description of the ad

Ad Group

You can create a new group by inserting the group's name to the field manually or you can choose existing ad group from the dropdown menu.

Duration Type

Choose how the PTC ad will expire. You have four options to choose from:

  • Never Expire
  • Expire by certain date
  • Expire after so many clicks
  • Expire after so many exposures


Duration value, set the value depending the duration type option chosen:

  • Never Expire: Leave blanc
  • Expire by certain date: Set the date and time in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format, for example 20080831000000
  • Expire after so many clicks: Insert a numeral value, for example 1000
  • Expire after so many exposures: Insert a numeral value, for example 100

Cheat Link

Set to yes if the ad created is a cheat link. See Cheat Links For more details.

Turing numbers

If the PTC ad should have turing number check.


Set yes to disable the advertisement.


The amount an user will receive for clicking the paid link and viewing the advertised page until the time expires. Remember to choose if the ad is a point or cash PTC.


How long a member must view the page advertised before the account is credited. Insert the value in seconds, for example 15 for 15 seconds.

Hours to lock the PTC after it is clicked

How often repeated clicks for the ad are allowed. For example 12 means user must wait 12 hours before he can click the ad again and receive credit for it.

Choose if you want to create a Banner/Text Advertisement or HTML Advertisement. The common choise is "Banner Advertisement". You may also want to notice that HTML Ads can not be tracked as easily and require the use of a javascript popup to track the clicks not to mention the use of a timer is pointless as they could still close the advertisers page and get the points anyway.

Banner Advertisement, Banner image URL

Direct url to the banner image.

For example: http://youdomain/images/banner.gif

Banner Advertisement, Image width

Insert image width. This setting is optional and does not have to be used unles you want to change the image width.

Banner Advertisement, Image height

Insert image height. This setting is optional and does not have to be used unles you want to change the image height.

Banner Advertisement, Site URL

URL of the website advertised. The url must be completed and include the http:// part.

For example:

To place the username in the url put #USERNAME# where you would like it to appear

Banner Advertisement, Image Alt Text

Alternative text for the image. This is optional, but recommended.

Banner Advertisement, Text Ad

If you are not using a banner image insert the link text here.


You can target your PTC ads to users from certain countries only.

Choose between Everyone, pre determined targeting group or select countries manually. See further details below.

Click on "Save Ad", Please notice that it will take until the next cron before the ad appears on the ptc page.

PTC Country Targeting

Starting from version 2.11 possibility to target PTC ads to certain countries has been added.

Targeting can be done either by using predetermined target groups or by selecting countries in target manually.

Predetermined Target Groups Usage

First you need to create target group.

To create a new target group or edit existing target groups go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Click Ads -> PTC Target Groups Editor

You can also use direct link to access te PTC target groups editor: http://your_domain/scripts/admin/ptc_targetgroups.php

To create a new taget group insert a name for the target group and click on the "Create" button. Then click on "Edit" button beside the new targeting group. Choose desired countries and click on "Save".

Now you can use the target group to automatically target PTC ads to the countries chosen to the group.

If there are countries in the list that are not used in your site please see Country Selections for further information on how to manage countries available on the site.

Manual Country Targeting

PTC ads can also be targeted manually. You can do this when creating/editing the PTC ad. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select "custom targeting", then choose either "Show/hide countries with members" or "Show/hide countries without members". Select desired countries and click on "Save Ad". You can also access the Country manager to edit country list, see Country Selections for further information

How To Delete PTC Ads

To delete old PTC ads from your database go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Click Ads -> Delete Old PTCs. Enter a number of days to te "List ads that have that have not been shown in x days" field and click on "Report". Select ads you want to delete from the list, enter the confirmation ID to the "Confirmation ID" field and click on "Delete Now".

To delete single PTC ad go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Click Ads. Search for the PTC ad you want to delete and click on "Delete"

Please notice that the ads will be removed from the database and can not be recovered without making a database restore. We strongly advice you to download a MySQL backup before you delete any ads.

How To Place PTC Ads On a Page

Default CashCrusader installation includes a page (/pages/ptc.php) that by default displays all active PTC ads on the system.

You can edit this page and create new pages that will display some or all PTC ads.

To place ads on your page use the following code: <?php action("get_ptc_ad_v2","PUT_GROUP_HERE,5,0,0,1");?> Replace PUT_GROUP_HERE with the ad group name of the PTC advertisements you wish to display on that page

For more information please see get_ptc_ad_v2


  • You can choose random contest winner from clickers of any PTC ad by searching the ad from the Paid2Click Ads page, insert number of winners to choose to "Select x contest winners" field and click on Pick.
  • You can edit or copy PTC ads by searching the ad from the Paid2Click Ads page and then clicking on "Edit" or "Copy" button.
  • To view click logs or rollback clicks for a PTC search the ad from the Paid2Click Ads page and ten click on "View Click Log/Rollback"
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