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CashCrusader has had rented referrals feature since version 2.27. Version 2.28 fixes bugs from this feature and everyone using the feature is recommended to update.

Installation of the Feature

Full install of versions 2.27 and later already have the feature enabled. When updating to CashCrusader 2.27 or newer a couple of steps need to be done to install the feature. The steps are listed below. The steps assume you are using default directory structure.

1) Copy file /scripts/templates/refsrented.php into /pages/ folder.
2) If needed, edit /pages/refsrented.php to match your custom design.
3) Copy file /scripts/templates/refsearch.php into /pages/ folder.
4) If needed, edit /pages/refsearch.php to match your custom design.
5) Add link to your member's menu, /pages/account_menu.php.

Rented Referral Settings

Main Settings: Main Menu -> Site Settings -> Referral Rent Settings

On the page you can get more information about each setting by hovering your mouse cursor over the (?) icon next to the setting field.

Membertype rental caps: Main Menu -> User Management -> Membership Types

User specific rental caps: admin panel user editor. Enable custom cap for the member and insert your wanted limit for the account.

Email templates can be found from Main Menu -> Site Settings -> System Email Templates.

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