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What Are PTS Ads?

Paid To signup ads are advertising where user gets a credit for signing up to a site, a mailing list etc. Paid To Signup ads can also be used to credit users for purchases.

How To Create a Paid To Signup Ad

To create a PTS ad go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Signup Ads

Insert desired details to the fields under "Create New Ad"



The advertiser's username

Ad Description

Description of the ad

Ad Group

You can create a new group by inserting the group's name to the field manually or you can use an existing ad group.

Duration Type

Choose how the PTS ad will expire. You have four options to choose from:

  • Never Expire
  • Expire by certain date
  • Expire after so many sign-up
  • Expire after so many exposures


Duration value, set the value depending the duration type option chosen:

  • Never Expire: Leave blanc
  • Expire by certain date: Set the date and time in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format, for example 20080831000000
  • Expire after so many sign-up: Insert a numeral value, for example 1000
  • Expire after so many exposures: Insert a numeral value, for example 100


The amount an user will receive for signing up. Remember to choose if the ad is a point or cash PTS.

Value Type

Choose either points or cash.

Credit Upline

Choose yes if you want the upline to receive comission or no if the upline should not be credited.

Choose if you want to create a Banner/Text Advertisement or HTML Advertisement. The common choise is "Banner Advertisement".

Banner Advertisement, Banner image URL

Direct url to the banner image.

For example: http://youdomain/images/banner.gif

Banner Advertisement, Image width

Insert image width. This setting is optional and does not have to be used unles you want to change the image width.

Banner Advertisement, Image height

Insert image height. This setting is optional and does not have to be used unles you want to change the image height.

Banner Advertisement, Site URL

URL of the website advertised. The url must be completed and include the http:// part.

For example:

To place the username in the url put #USERNAME# where you would like it to appear

Banner Advertisement, Alt Text

Alternative text for the image. This is optional, but recommended.


Insert your HTML code for the ad.

Click on "Save Ad", Please notice that it will take until the next cron before the ad appears on the pts page

How To Delete PTS Ads

To delete old PTS ads from your database go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Signup Ads -> List/Delete old paid to sign-up ads. Enter a number of days to te "List ads that have that have not been shown in x days" field and click on "Report". Select ads you want to delete from the list, enter the confirmation ID to the "Confirmation ID" field and click on "Delete Now".

To delete single PTS ad go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Signup Ads. Search for the PTS ad you want to delete and click on "Delete"

Please notice that the ads will be removed from the database and can not be recovered without making a database restore. We strongly advice you to download a MySQL backup before you delete any ads.

How To Place PTS Ads On a Page

Default CashCrusader installation includes a page (/pages/pts.php) that by default displays all active PTS ads on the system.

You can edit this page and create new pages that will display some or all PTS ads.

To place ads on your page use the following code. REPLACE: PUT_GROUP_HERE with the ad group name of the PTS ads you wish to display on that page

<? get_pts_ad('PUT_GROUP_HERE');?>

How to process sign-ups?

Go to Main menu -> Ad Management -> Paid2Signup Ads and you can view a list of all pending sign-ups waiting to be processed. You can see the info a member has submitted on the right in scrollable box, in the middle you have further details of the sign-up and on the left side you can choose between three options:

  • Do Nothing
  • Accept
  • Decline

Choose the desired action to as many signups as you want and then click on "Process All".


  • You can choose random contest winner from approved singup submitters of any PTS ad by searching the ad from the Paid2Signup Ads page, insert number of winners to choose to "Select x contest winners" field and click on Pick.
  • You can edit or copy PTS ads by searching the ad from the Paid2Signup Ads page and then clicking on "Edit" or "Copy" button.
  • To view sign-up logs for a PTS search the ad from the Paid2Signup Ads page and then click on "View Sign-up Log"

Image:Tip.jpg    To rollback sign-ups first check the ad id from the Paid2Signup Ads manager and then go to Database Utilities -> MySQL Admin, scroll down until you locate a table "paid_signups_THE-AD-ID", click on "View" under Table actions. You will be taken to a list of all sign-ups submitted for that ad. You can then click on "Delete" to rollback a sign-up. Remember to remove the credit from user's account using the Transaction Manager!
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