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Cashout Manager is a utility to perform payments to members.

Installation of the Feature

Full install of versions 2.26 and later already have the feature installed and enabled. When updating to CashCrusader 2.26 or newer a couple of steps need to be done to install the feature. The steps are listed below. The steps assume you are using default directory structure.

1) Copy file /scripts/templates/cashout.php into /pages/ folder.
2) If needed, edit /pages/cashout.php to match your custom design.
3) [optional] Copy file /scripts/templates/beenpaid.php into /pages/ folder.
4) [optional] If needed, edit /pages/beenpaid.php to match your custom design.
5) Configure your payment options at Main Menu -> Accounting -> Cashout Options
6) Add a link to your member's menu, /pages/account_menu.php.
7) [optional] Add a link to beenpaid.php to your site navigation.

Setting Up LibertyReserve Masspay

1) Login to your LibertyReserve account.
2) Click Merchant Tools at the site header navigation.
3) Click Create New API link. (picture).
4) Enter your desired API username and password. (picture) DO NOT SHARE THE DETAILS WITH ANYONE!
5) Tick Enabled and Transfer boxes. This makes it possible for CashCrusader to send payments from your account.
6) For improved security you can define maximum daily transfer limit and your hosting provider's server IP.
7) Now LibertyReserve masspayments can be done using the created username/password combination. Notice that CashCrusader will not remember your API password for improved security.

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